PVC WPC Wood Plastic Hot Cutting Pelletizing line


PVC WPC Wood Plastic Hot Cutting Pelletizing line

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PVC WPC Wood Plastic Hot Cutting Pelletizing line is mainly used for hot air cooling production of PVC pellets, PE wood-plastic pellets and other plastic hot-cutting pellets. High thermal accuracy of die surface, high thermal efficiency, uniform and beautiful pelletizing, easy installation and movement, and complete cold air supply system


Extruder Model Motor Power Capacity/H
Conical Twin Screw Extruder
18.5KW 120 KG
22KW 150 KG
SJSZ65 37KW 250 KG
SJSZ80 55KW 400 KG
90KW 500-600 KG
SJSZ110 200KW 1000 KG

Flow Chart

Crusher (crushing the edge of board trimmed) → Miller (milling the scraps into powder) → Mixer (mixing the main materials and additives) → Auto loader→ conical double Screw Extruder → Granulator head  →
Hot cutting machine → Primary Air Supply Device→ Second Air Supply Device → Aggregate device


PVC Pellets

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